Guido van de water
Nature photography


Of all the subjects that I make pictures of mammals are the most difficult. Most of the time the animals are very shy and that means that good preparations are necessary. Where do I have to go? What is the best time to see the animal? What is the best spot to hide myself? I have to think about all these things and hopefully it will result in at least one good picture. The used equipment is also very important. Long telephoto lenses and the ability to use high shutter speeds make it a lot nicer.

Within Europe it is usually very hard to make good mammal pictures. The animals are hard to find or they are often located in areas that are not accessible. For those reasons a lot of my pictures are made in Africa. This continent is a dream destination for anybody interested in wildlife photography. Off course you will have to search for the animals and the best locations but the abundance and the fact that animals are less anxious make it all a lot easier. Most of the times I’m photographing from a car or a hide and that makes real close encounters very possible.

The best thing about animal photography is that I never know what to expect. At the moment something appears decisions have to be mad instantly or else the moment is gone. That spontaneous and unexpected aspect gives me lots of satisfaction. When that one perfect shot comes out of my camera my day has been worth it.

Wild horse at nature reserve the PosbankElephants near waterhole, South-AfricaRed deer in Scotisch wildernesOryx on edge of saltpan, NamibiaSquirlOld lioness, South-AfricaSilouet of red deer during sunrise, Netherlands Meerkat family portret, BotswanaLeopard close up, South-AfricaRed deer during the golden hour, NetherlandsLion family in the middle of fog cloud, South-AfricaKudu during sunrise, South-AfricaYoung Oran-Oetan in a tree, SumatraRoe deer on RømøMouse on dead wood, NetherlandsSpringbok close up, NamibiaBontebok, South-AfricaSquirrel with mirror.Group of Red deer, NetherlandsGroup of red deer in the water, NetherlandsRed deer climbing out of the water, NetherlandsRed deer climbing out of the water left side, NetherlandsImpala's in a fightGiraffe during the golden hour, South-AfricaZebra family, NamibiaRed deer male with 3 female, NetherlandsFox looking for eggs, NetherlandsKlipdassie close up, South-AfricaLeopard standing in tree, South-AfricaLion cubs, BotswanaGiraffe driving jeep, BotswanaLion couple standing, NamibiaLion male standing, NamibiaLion couple laying down, NamibiaRed deer male on Veluwe, NetherlandsRed deer female on Veluwe, NetherlandsOran-Oetang mother close up, SumatraOran-Oetang baby, SumatraOran-Oetang close up, SumatraFighting Implala, South-AfricaElephants fighting, South-AfricaVelvet monkey, BotswanaMeerkat close up, BotswanaMeerkat on lookout, BotswanaMeerkat on empty land, BotswanaMeerkat close up front, BotswanaSeal colony, NamibiaElephant in the dust, NamibiaWilderbeast at saltpan edge, NamibiaLeopard on side of tree, South-AfricaGiraffe with passenger, South-AfricaRed deer male on lookout, NetherlandsRhino with passengers, South-AfricaElephant close up, South-AfricaMongoos, BotswanaMouse before Burrow, NetherlandsChipmunk on lookout, U.S.Drinking squirrel, NetherlandsKlipdassie on top of table mountain, South-AfricaHare in fog, DenmarkImpala close up, South-AfricaDeer in capital reef np, U.S.Male lion, South-AfricaLion cup, South-AfricaLion cups, South-AfricaRhino with an itch, South-AfricaElephant with latge tusk, South-AfricaRoe deer in the shadows, NetherlandsRed deer and sparrows during sunset, NetherlandsRed deer black and white, NetherlandsRed deer on hill black and white, NetherlandsImpala in dusty surrounding, South-AfricaHyena true the woods, South-AfricaLook trough at lion family, South-AfricaSee elepants, U.S.Hippo with turtles, South-AfricaZebra on mountain top, South-AfricaWild dog, South-AfricaElephant near waterhole, NamibiaThomas leaf monkey with infant, South-AfricaHanging orang-Oetan,SumatraThomas leag monkey, SumatraWarthog, South-Africa
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