Guido van de water
Nature photography


Landscape photography is a whole different kind of sport if you compare it to wildlife photography. With landscape photography there is much more time and everything is about light, composition and details.

The equipment needed is also totally different. The long tele lenses can stay at home because al you need is a wide angle lens. The wide angle lenses are often used in combination with different kinds of grey filter that are put in front of the lens. Landscape photos are often made at sunrise or sunset because that’s when the soft light occurs, but as always there are exceptions if you think differently.

My landscape pictures have been made all over the World. From the Grand canyon in the United States to the jungles of Sumatra and from the desserts of Namibia to the parks near my home in the Netherlands. You can make your landscape photo´s everywhere, even in big city´s there is alwats a nice view to be photographed. Whether it is the park, dessert or city it is an art to capture your image with the best possible composition and light.

Underneath here you will find a selection of my landscape pictures of which I think that worked out great.

Dead tree during a foggy sunriseSunrise at Maasduinen N.P.Forest filled with autumn coloursLighthouse with starry skySunrise in NamibiaDead tree during sunriseSunrise at the Hatertse VennenSunbeams during sunrise at the PosbankSnowy trees in the fogMysterious forest filled with fogSnowy treesSunrise above the Devilspit, NetherlandsFoggy sunrise on the PosbankSnwoy tree at the PosbankLong exposure sunrise in DenmarkSunrise at Kruger national parkExtreme red skySunrise in the EifelAnd then there was lightFlying birds trough the sunsetAutumn colours in the winterFoggy sunrisePath trough the forest full with sunbeamsCoastal view in South AfricaLonely tree during sunriseHazy landscapeFoggy sunrise at the PosbankSunrise in monument valley, Antelope canyonFoggy morning in the EifelDead tree during foggy sunriseAutumn paintingSunrise at Namib Naukluft national parkColours of the fallSunrise at Maasduinen national park NetherlandsSunset Hatertse vennen, Netherlands Fog above the Ooij polderKinloch rannoch during SunriseView on Gibraltar from aboveTree during sunsetSunrise in Maasduinen n.p.Rainbows at the Victoria falls in ZimbabweWineyard near Cape TownTree line during sunsetMysterious sunrise above Loch RannochMelting icicleTrees in the Deadvlei of NamibiaLondon eye in winter lighting, United kingdomSunset on RømøLondon from the Eye, United KingdomSunrise in South-AfricaIn the forest during sunsetSunrise above the QuinSunset in DenmarkSilent portret in ScotlandFast streaming water in Northern SpainBorobudur, Indonesiapicturesque landscape in southern FranceFoggy sunrise, NetherlandsSunrise at the Drakensbergen South-AfricaMysterious valleySpitzkoppe in NamibiaSunset in northern SpainSunset in Mpupalanga South-AfricaSunset in Denmarkdeadvlei panoramaLoch RannochDeadvlei the other way aroundSunset with reflectionsFirst view on Deadvlei NamibiaMysterious sunrise, NetherlandsIsolated treas in the deadvlei of NamibiaBlue skys abobe Deadvlei in NamibiaLook trough on the Deadvlei of NamibiaTrees on a row at the Deadvlei of NamibiaLiving on the end of the worldDune 45 in Sossusvlei national park NamibiaPlant at White sands national monument USBoat on the beach of DenmarkBoulders beach South-AfricaSunset on mount CairgormSunset near Cape TownChapmans peak drive In Cape TownSunrise with a wide angle, NetherlandsSunrise in ScotlandRoad trough the Valley of Fire U.S.Road trough the Death Valley U.S.Fruita farm at Capitol reef national park U.S.Road trough Capitol reef national park U.S.Canyon de Shelly monument Fast streaming waterLonely tree near salt pans of NamibiaShipwrek by the Skeleton coast of NamibiaLighthouse of Swakopmund, NamibiaNatural arch at the Spitzkoppe in NamibiaSunrise above lake, FranceWaterfall in Gorges du Tarn, Southern FranceWaterfall in the Navarra region, SpanjeSunrise during cloudy dayFalling sand in the Antelope canyon, U.S.Mirror within loch MorlichBlown up sands in the antelope canyon, U.S. Inside of the Antilope canyon, U.S.Forrest in fall colours, U.S.Misty morning in Maasduinen national park, NetherlandsElephants from the sky, Okavango delta BotswanaRocks within Loch MorlichGlencoOkavango delte from the sky, BotswanaLily in the Okavango delta, BotswanaTable mountain from Robben island, South-AfricaCape town by night, South-AfricaScottish landscapeSunset at Blauwbergstrand, South-AfricaCoastline at the Algarve, PortugalSunset in DenmarkSunset on the Makgadikgadi, BotswanaSunset above farm land, DenmarkSunset above the Quin in the Maasduinen, NederlandSunset near Bilbao, SpainLighthouse during sunsetSunrise trough trees, Maasduinen n.p. NetherlandsSunrise above flowering heather, DenmarkSunrise above Oostvaardersplassen, NetherlandsTable mountain from Bloubergstrand, South-AfricaMilky way from the Karoo desert, South-AfricaLonely tree in the desert, NamibiaPeople in White sands national monument, U.S.Pink sunrise above Oostvaardersplassen, NetherlandsLandscpape covered in fog, Maasduinen NetherlandsSunbeams overthe Posbank, NetherlandsFochteloerveen, NetherlandsMorning light above Oostvaardersplassen, NetherlandsMaasduinen covered in winter snow, NetherlandsMisty morning colours, Maasduinen Netherlands
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