Guido van de water
Nature photography


Photographing birds is my favourite thing to do when it comes to all different sorts of nature photography. It doesn't matter where in the world you are they are always flying around somewhere. Making a good picture of a bird is often very challenging. Finding the right spot for a good picture is on of the most important things. Lots of pictures where made far from home in countrys like South-Africa, Namibia, United States, Mexico or Spain. But also often made close to my home in the Netherlands. Sometimes it happens that when you find a good location you can sit for hours in a hide without seeing anything. The next day on the same spot you can see a lot within a short period.

Studying behaviour is always a fun thing to do. Birds are very keen on they’re own territory. Often a lot of small fights occur between the birds and that is a funny thing to watch. But that is also a difficult thing. The more pictures i make the more challenging I want them to be. I used to be happy with a bird on a branch but now I want to capture them flying, fighting, eating or making love. The best moments in photography are when challenging pictures work out perfectly.

Underneath here you will find a collection of those challenging moments that worked out great for me.

Close up of infant owl, South-AfricaPurple roller, South-AfricaGiant kingfiser close up, South-AfricaSunbird within flower, South-AfricaKingfisher on branch, South-AfricaBleckhead with autumn coloursLong-eared owl, NetherlandsNuthatch on tree, NetherlandsFlying hummingbird 2, U.S.Flying hummingbird 2, U.S.Woodpecker on branch, NetherlandsWoodpecker female.Black head with mirror image, NetherlandsBea eater with bea, SpainKingfisher, BotswanaAfrican fish eagle with fish, BotswanaLilac breasted roller, NamibiaSwans in red pool, NetherlandsWeaver bird on flower, South-AfricaSunbird on flower, South-AfricaHawk with feathers from pray, NetherlandsBuzzard on branch, NetherlandsLong-Eared owl in the rain, NetherlandsKingfisher with fish, NetherlandsBlackhead with mirror imageNuthatch on side of tree, NetherlandsNuthatch on top of tree, NetherlandsFinch in the dark, NetherlandsBea eaters on branch, SpainRedhead shrike on branch, SpainBlue heron, NetherlandsClose up of Ral, NetherlandsGaaiFlying hummingbird 3, U.S.Flying hummingbird 4, U.S.Flying hummingbird 5, U.S.Flying hummingbird 6, U.S.Flying hummingbird 7, U.S.Fighting Swallows 1, NetherlandsFighting swallows 2, NetherlandsSwallow landing on branch, NetherlandsJay bird on branch, NetherlandsJay bird drinking, NetherlandsJay bird in bath, NetherlandsJay bird close up, NetherlandsBlackbird with mirror imageSwallow, South-AfricaGround hornbill, South-AfricaPied kingfisher in the air, South-AfricaHornbill on branch, South-AfricaBea eater on branch, SpainBea eater looking for nest, SpainBea eater in the wind, SpainFlying hummingbird 7, U.S.Hummingbird close up, U.S.Flying hummingbird 8, U.S.Close up of owl, South-AfricaLong-eared owl in tree, NetherlandsLong-eared owl in tree 2, NetherlandsBurchells coucal, South-AfricaGiant kingfisher with fish, South-AfricaWoodland kingfisher on branch, South-AfricaBird in South-AfricaYellow canarie on branch, SpainRedhead Shrike on branch 2, SpainYellow canarie on branch 2, SpainNuthatch on side of tree, NetherlandsBlack head female on side of tree, NetherlandsBlack head female on top of tree, NetherlandsBlack head on branch, NetherlandsFinch on tree trunk, NetherlandsFinch drinking from waterpool, NetherlandsWoodpecker on side of tree, NetherlandsWoodpecker on top of tree trunk, NetherlandsWoodpecker behind moss, NetherlandsKingfisher 2, NetherlandsKingfisher 3, NetherlandsKingfisher 4, NetherlandsKingfisher 5, NetherlandsKingfisher 6, NetherlandsKingfisher 7, NetherlandsKingifsher 8, NetherlandsKingfisher 9, NetherlandsHummingbird 1, U.S.Hummingbird 2, U.S.Hummingbird 3, U.S.Hummingbird 4, U.S.Hummingbird 5, U.S.Hummingbird 6, U.S.Hummingbird 7, U.S.Sunbird 1. South-AfricaSunbird 2. South-AfricaSunbird 3. South-AfricaFlying Cormorant, South-AfricaCormorant close up, South-AfricaAfrican Penguin, South-AfricaPenguins feeding each other, Sout-AfricaClose up of African Penguin, South-AfricaClose up of Guinefowl, South-AfricaBrown snake eagle, South-AfricaAfrican fish eagle, South-AfricaBird of prey in NamibiaBuzzard ready to fly, NetherlandsBird on reed stalk, NetherlandsBird on reed stalk 2, NetherlandsReed Singer on Reed stalk, NetherlandsYellow Whistler, NetherlandsYellow Whistler in bath, NetherlandsGreat tit with mirror image, NetherlandsWeaver bird 1, South-AfricaWeaver bird 2, South-AfricaWeaver feeding infant in nest, South-AfricaMarble tiger Bittern in jungle, MexicoBlue crowned mot mot front, MexicoBlue crowned mot mot back, MexicoFlying bee eater, SpainAfrican Jaccara, South-AfricaPied crow, NamibiaGroup of flamingos, NamibiaRaven with dinner, U.S.Ravens on top of rock, U.S.House finch, U.S.Hornbill on branch, South-AfricaHigh key ground hornbill, South-AfricaHornbill in top of bush, South-AfricaBird in South-AfricaOystercatcher, DenmarkFlying gull, South-AfricaWagtail on branch, NetherlandsBlue tit, NetherlandsBlue tit 2, NetherlandsClose up of hawk, NetherlandsFlying Hawk, NetherlandsLark, PortugalBird in bushes, PortugalSwan in red pool, NetherlandsSwallow close up, NetherlandsCoot in morning lights, NetherlandsSwans during sunrise, NetherlandsRobin on wood, NetherlandsGreat tit behind green, NetherlandsGreat tit ready for flight, NetherlandsGreat tit with mirror images, Netherlands
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