Guido van de water
Nature photography
'It always seems impossible until it's done'
Photography is more than just pushing the button at the right time. A picture begins with an idea and often has a long preparation. It begins with finding the right location to visualise the idea that I have in my mind. Then starts the process of researching the location, what is the right time, where does the light shine and what is the best time to be here.

All these points are important when you’re making landscape pictures. If you want to photograph wildlife the is even more to think about. What behaviour do I want to see and at what time can I see it. Sometimes I need a couple of pictures to get the image in my mind and sometimes I need hundreds.

Sometimes it takes a couple of minutes and sometimes it can take years before I make the picture in my head. Sometimes I am going home with nothing at all and once in a while I have a lucky moment. Not knowing what to expect and the satisfaction that you get from that one perfect picture are what make photography such a great thing to do.

Nelson Mandela once said 'It always seems impossible until it's done', and that always applies to photography. Eventually the enjoyment and the respect for nature are even more important then the photography itself. The quietness around me when I’m standing in the field always give me a peaceful feeling. The sentence of Mandela even applies more to nature conservation. There is always a lot of talking but it can be done if we all act together!

Looking, feeling and acting. These are the words that hopefully will get into people’s minds when looking at my pictures.

Guido van de Water
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