Nov 17


It’s been a long time ago since I last went out for two weeks in a row. Due to the expected fog I just can’t stay at home. I’m driving toward the Seven tree fen within National park the Maasduinen today with a clear image in my mind.

The is a large high tower in this area and I’m hoping for some landscape shot from above with a lot of fog in them. It is dark, ice cold and there is a lot of wind on the top of the tower. When the sun starts to rise I’m trying every corner of the tower but it just doesn’t seem to work. Something is missing but I just can’t find what it is. Disappointed and frozen to the bone I walk down the tower thinking about my next move.

I’ve been to this area a lot but it was always around the tower so I decide to walk in to the forest hoping to find some autumn colours. After walking around for an hour I haven’t found a single nice composition. The colours are there, the fog is there, the light is there but it just doesn’t work at all. Maybe it’s me and not the area? Maybe I’m to rushed to find this shot that I’m hoping for? Whatever it was I decide to walk to the car and head for home.

When I’m almost at my car I spot a bunch of yellow coloured trees on the side of a fen. They look great before the darker background and I decide to give it another go. I’ve walked around the whole fen and when I’m about 50 meters from my car I find the perfect spot. The light shines on the trees, a little mist Is coming over the fen and I am getting really excited. When I’ve got the camera on my tripod it is just waiting for this perfect moment. I’m at F2.8, 1/1000sec, iso 200 and focal distance of 150mm creating a really blurry for and background. The settings and the mist must have given it a special look. When I look at the screen on the back of my camera it just looks like a painting instead of a photograph. I decide to call this picture Autumn painting because it just looks like that.

After this picture I step in to my car and head for home. This morning brought what photography was all about for me. You think everything is failing and then there is this moment that everything seems to come together.

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