Guido van de water
Nature photography
Jun 15


After our stay on Rømø we drove further north and ended up near the city Silkeborg. We found a nice holiday home that we booked for a week. The area around Silkeborg is very green and there are lots of hills. It is not as flat as most parts of Denmark. This was also a good place to visit some family members that live around here.

Photographically speaking this wasn’t a good week. The area is beautiful but it just didn’t give me enough inspiration and energy to explore it deeper. I’ve been on the road for 1 night and came home with 2 reasonable pictures. But it doesn’t mind, we had some nice family time and we’ve seen a lot of the area.

New years day

1 Jan 2020


1 Dec 2019


17 Nov 2019


20 Sep 2019


18 Aug 2019

Oostvaarders plassen

28 Jul 2019

Dwergte ( Duitsland )

21 Jun 2019

Rømø ( Denemarken )

10 Jun 2019

Ijsvogel hut

1 Jun 2019

Foto hut België

17 Apr 2019

Vlinder fotografie

7 Apr 2019

HBN fotohut 3

28 Nov 2018

Glencoe (Schotland)

22 Nov 2018


20 Oct 2018


30 Sep 2018

Haterste vennen

27 Sep 2018

Deelerwoud 4

22 Sep 2018

Deelerwoud 3

15 Sep 2018

Deelerwoud 2

9 Sep 2018

Deelerwoud 1

2 Sep 2018

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