Nov 28

HBN Photohide 3

Today i'm vissiting a photo hide with Rini. It is rented by Han Bouwmeester and it is his hut nr. 3. The hut is situated in the provence of Overijssel and that meanse getting up early. That early start was pretty difficult since I arrived back from my trip to Schotland only yesterday.

When we arrived at the hide there was ice on the pool in front of it. This was going to be one cold day. The hut is situated on an open arrea with views on the nearby forrest.

The morning goes by slowly with only commen species like woodpeckers, ti tand finches. Around midday more interesting species came in sight like the Seis, Crossbil land the Fielfare. That last one is my spot of the day with a nice picture of it to.

But overall the day was a little bit dissapointing. We saw storys of people seeing lots predators en rare species but maybe it was just to cold for that.

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