Nov 24

Cairgorms N.P. (Scotland)

After a few days of bad weather there is a better day expected today. Before sunrise I’m driving trough the Tummel Valley to some places that I’ve seen this week and hopefully good enough for some great photos.

A few days ago I’ve been around the north side of Loch Rannoch en now I’m taking the south side. At first I’m in the valley but I decide to look for a mountain top somewhere. After a little driving I’ve found a nice view from the top of a mountain. As the sun rises more and more colours are appearing in the sky. At the same time a lot of fog is developing over the valley and it creates stunning images. Since a long time my filters are coming out of the bag and even the telephoto lens is used for landscaping.

When the best colours are gone I’m driving further up the mountain where I found a herd of sheep in a scenic landscape with a snowy mountain in the back. A nice way to picture the sheep that are around so much in this country. On my way back there is a last stop near a couple of rapids in a small river. I’ve noticed this place when a drove by during a rain shower but now that its dry I’m going to give it a try. I don’t do this very often but it is a lot of fun to make some long exposure shots of these kind of rapids.

When I’m arriving back at the holiday house around midday we decide to drive to Cairgorms national park. There is snow on every mountain top around is so hopefully we will see some snow today.

It is about an hour driving from hour house to the park entrance. On our way we are seeing a lot of snowy mountains and scenic views. The first stop within the park is at loch Morlich that has a perfectly mirror of the mountains behind it. There are some rocks in the lake with ducks on it and day make stunning images. When I’m making some pictures a bride an groom are arriving at the edge of the lake. A full wedding ceremony is held at the edge of the lake. I can think of worse places to get married because this place is just stunning.

When we drive further to the top of Mount Cairgorms the snowline is unfortunately not low enough. There is a beautiful view over Loch Morlich in the distance. The sun is starting to set and so we have no time left for a hike to the snow tops of the mountain. The colours in the air are beautiful but because of the clouds it is a bid disappointing.

We drive back to our Holiday house. Tomorrow is our last full day in Scotland but unfortunately the weather prediction is bad again.

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