Nov 22

Glencoe (Scotland)

After a day full of rain we decide to take the car for a long drive today. The weather prediction is not good and we decide to take this day to go and see the country. I’ve found a scenic route that will take us around in about 4 hours with the place Gelncoe as the most distant place from hour holiday home.

During the route we keep amazing ourselves with the landscape. If I would have stopt to take pictures on every beautiful spot I would still be busy right now. Fast flowing rivers cut trough landscapes with snow covered mountains. It is a very cloudy day but that does not mind at all. The dark clouds give a mysterious feeling and make great pictures.

Endless miles of stunning nature and panoramic views pass us by. If we ever visit Scotland again we definitely spent some more time in the Gelncoe area. The last two hours of the route that took much longer then planned we drive trough Cairgorms national park. Unfortunately it is getting to dark for pictures but hopefully we will have some time left to come back here this week.

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