Aug 14

026 Kampina Unexpected fog

Vlog 26 - An unexpected layer of fog surrounded us.

I got out of bed at 3.30 for some landscape photography. I picked up my friend and we drove to a new area that I had never been before. The weather forecast was boring blue skies. But we encountered some amazing conditions! A nice layer of fog rolled over the nature reserve we planned our morning at.

We totally didn't expect this and so we were really happy. We walked around and took several nice shots. At some points it just felt like we were in Africa. The beautiful trees and golden sunrise just gave me that feeling of being in an African national park.

We didn't know this area at all and so it was a bit difficult to know where to have the best compositions. When all the fog cleared we had a look around the area to see where to start the next time. And that next time might come sooner then I thought at that moment...

I'm starting to get used to using the new OM System OM-1. All images in this video are shot with this fabolous new camera.

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