Guido van de water
Nature photography


My name is Guido van de Water and I am born in the Netherlands in 1982. Currently I'm living with my wife and son in a town called Beuningen.

As a teenager I discovered photography and soon after that first contact I bought my first SLR camera, the Olympus OM30. At that time it was a state of the art camera but still an analogue system. Through the years photography has always had influence on me and I started to develop myself more and more. Now days I have developed a love for nature photography and still with the trusted brand Olympus. The camera type has developed from the analogue SLR trough different models to the one I use the days, the Olympus OMD-EM1. All different cameras but always the brand has always been Olympus.

The camera I am using these days suits my needs perfectly. The camera is small, light and has all the functions a photographer could wish for. My whole system including lenses fits easily in one backpack and that makes it a perfect system for a nature photographer. Often on the road to make new photos in places near home or far away its always easy to take everything with me and get to that difficult to reach place.

My love for photography had developed rapidly when I discovered the passion for travelling. I have been a lots of different countries but my heart is stolen by the continent Africa

This continent is streaming through my blood vessel ever since the first time my feed touched the ground when I stepped out of the airplane in Cape Town. The beauty of the landscape, the kind people en the amazingly rich flora and fauna make this a dream destination for nature lovers. There is only one question that is coming in to my mind when I get back home, when can I go again?

Travelling trough Africa I discovered what kind of photographer I really am, a real wildlife loving photographer. I love to make pictures of animals and I am willing to travel the world to see these special species. I travelled to Arizona to see hummingbirds, to the saltpans of Botswana to see Meerkats and to the dens jungles of Sumatra to see Orang-utans. It is fascinating to watch behaviour of all animals big and small. Whether they are on the ground or in the air they all seem to amaze me every time. It is so difficult to see that some animals might not be seen by our next generation.

This is the case with several animals like the Orang-utan, wild dog, cheetah and the rhino. I feel realy privileged to have seen these animals in the wild and it fills me anger when I think of the dangers these animals are in. It is unbelievable that people are killing these animals for whatever reason they have for it.

I hope that by watching my pictures people are amazed for what out nature has to offer. Hopefully someday someone will be moved by my pictures and will act to save our natural wonders. The only way to save our wildlife wonders is by acting together! Hopefully together we will be able keep enjoying every beautiful thing on the planet and I will keep making great pictures on it.

Please look at my portfolio and be inspired to get out in to nature! Your feedback is appreciated, please go to my contact page to give it to me. If you want to know what I’m up to lately the go to my blog page.

Thank you for your visit.

Guido van de Water
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